Thursday, December 11, 2008

iamconsumed - between many spaces

im happy to announce the release of my album "between many spaces", which is a compilation of modular synthesis recordings i've made between 2006-2008.

<a href="">We Reign Spiders by i am consumed</a>

from this link you are free to stream the songs, free to download the album or individual tracks (at 128k), or if you're feeling generous, you can make an offer on any of the tracks or the entire album for a high quality or lossless download in various formats--thank you. =)

for maximum freshness, please use or freeze within seven days of opening.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

ian fritz's chaquo

although ive recently built this chaos generator/quadrature oscillator from ian fritz, i've not begun to explore the depths of this interesting and quirky design. this module is not one that you can just flip on and achieve instant chaos gratification--you have to search for areas of chaos. the method by which you do this is described in the documentation.

in this audio example, the frequency of two oscillators are being modulated by two of chaquo's chaotic outputs, which are different but related. each oscillator is panned hard left and right so you can get a sense of what each chaotic output is doing.

(the front panel was made by

Monday, September 8, 2008

DIY MOTM power entry module

I managed to exceed the capacity of my MOTM-900 power supply before my cabinet was full. Instead of scrapping it for parts, I sold the '900 in order to DIY my own power solution, which works well because I plan on mounting the PSU to the cabinet itself, so I can save some space with a small module that doubles as a light-duty multiple. I will be using a Power-One HCC15-3A 3 amp DC power supply. Here is a picture of my power entry module:

I used the following part numbers from Mouser:

693-DD11.0123.1111 (power entry module with cover)
693-4301.1401 (fuse drawer)
576-0218002.HXP (fuses, needed two)

I purchased the 1/4" jacks from

A few notes:

1. The slo-blo fuse ratings are determined by the power supply. Check your documentation!
2. Although the all-in-one power entry module looks nice and is tidy, I dont believe it is the most cost effective solution. Nitpicking: I would probably opt for a separate AC mains inlet and switch next time.

Here is the FPD file:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

a linear FM comparison between the AFG and model 15

this is the sound of the AFG in a linear FM patch.
i found that the AFG does not respond well to a modulator that is higher in frequency than its own pitch--however, when its pitch is also high, some very interesting and satisfying tones can be achieved.


you are hearing the AFG saw wave.
the AFG is being modulated by a sin from a Plan B Model 15 oscillator.
both oscillators are tracking 1v/O from the same source.

at first, you hear the raw saw. then, i turn up the FM amount, tune both oscillators, then plug the 1v/O inputs up.


this is the sound of the Plan B Model 15 in a linear FM patch.
i found that the model 15 responds in a very satisfying way to FM from other oscillators, particularly in its throaty, growly type way.


you are hearing the Plan B model 15 saw wave.
the m15 is being modulated by a sin from a AFG oscillator.
both oscillators are tracking 1v/O from the same source.
at first, you hear the raw saw. then, i turn up the FM amount, tune both oscillators, then plug the 1v/O inputs up.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

x0xb0x first impressions

ive finally got my new x0xb0x up and running after a week of evening-time assembly. here's one of my first sequences. ive never played on a 303 so you'll have to take this demo with a grain of salt. the x0xb0x is running through an ibanez TS9 that i activate halfway through the clip.

x0xb0x - first impression from loopcycle on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

iamconsumed-heel to toe

a gate sequencer is triggering four envelopes sequentially, which are modulating a few different things (a couple vcas and a couple filters). four voices can be heard. the first voice in the mix is the modcan vcdo.

EDIT: added this second recording with a bit of variation on the envelope decays.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

iamconsumed-history is slipping between our fingers

this clip is a repurposing of a previous raw modular track i recorded (sins of the fresh-part 1).

Sunday, May 4, 2008

IKEA sucks.

Last weekend, my wife and I went to our nearby IKEA, primarily browsing for a new bookshelf and armoire for our TV/DVD player. While taking notes on prospective furniture, we picked up a few small things, including a couple sealed plastic packages of replacement halogen bulbs, 35W and 50W, for a total of $12. I made the purchase with my credit/debit card.

When I got home, I discovered that the lamps I purchased the bulbs for were rated for 20W. Fast forward to today (a week later). We cant find our receipt, but we think that its pretty normal for companies today to offer in-store credit for returns without receipts, which is perfectly OK with us since we just want to exchange these for the 20W bulbs for the same price.

Once I stepped up to the return counter and explained that I did not have a receipt but merely wished to do an exchange, the girl behind the counter regretfully explained to me that:

1) Without a receipt, I would only get %70 of the value of the return, and
2) They only offer a no-receipt return ONCE IN A LIFETIME.


So IKEA cant pull up the purchase I made, electronically, from one week ago, but they can track my receipt-less return for the rest of my fucking life?

I've never been so offended by such a gross customer-hostile policy. So I decided to keep the bulbs and simply drive home. We didn't even stop to get frozen yogurt on the way out of the store.

So, I'm looking for the receipt again (I'm sure its around here somewhere). If we find it, I will be returning (not exchanging) the bulbs, and Never Doing Business With IKEA Again. A company with that kind of policy doesn't need our business. We will find our armoire and bookshelves somewhere else.

Such a shame too...we've always really liked IKEA. Before a new one popped up near our house, we used to drive 90 miles to the nearest one to go shopping.

I feel fortunate that I made this mistake with only $12 worth of merchandise.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a simple Klee sequence

this is two oscillators into a lowpass filter. the klee is doing the sequencing. all pattern changes are courtesy of the flick of a switch or two on the klee--one of its strongest and most experimental features.